Croatian Energy Regulatory Agency

The Croatian Energy Regulatory Agency (HERA) has been founded according to the Act on the Regulation of Energy Activities (Official Gazette, No. 177/04 and 76/07) and has continued to operate according to the Act on the Regulation of Energy Activities (Official Gazette, No. 120/12, 68/18).

The Act on the Regulation of Energy Activities provides the legal framework according to which HERA is an autonomous, independent and non-profit legal person with public authority to regulate energy activities.

The founder of HERA is the Republic of Croatia and the founding rights are exercised by the Government of the Republic of Croatia. With regards to its work, HERA reports to the Croatian Parliament.

HERA is governed by the Board of Commissioners ("Upravno vijeće") of the Agency, which has five members of whom one is president and one is deputy president. The president and members of the Board of Commissioners are elected by the Croatian Parliament for a term of seven years, with a possibility of re-election for one additional term.

HERA's structure includes expert services which fulfil professional, administrative and technical tasks for the Agency, which are managed by respective heads of expert services.

Organisation Chart

HERA's internal organization - basic

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Board of Commissioners
Deputy President Željko Vrban, M.Sc.
Member Nikola Vištica, Ph.D.
Member Alenka Kinderman Lončarević, Ph.D.
Electricity Division
Director Lahorko Wagmann, Ph.D.
Gas and Oil Division
Acting Director Goran Babić
Thermal Energy Division
Director Suada Mustajbegović
Legal Affairs and Human Resources
Director Ivana Kristić Marković
Support Services
Director Suzana Garašić